Chapter 39: Liz (Doncaster)

Hi, I’m Liz @liz_outandabout I’ve been hiking and living the outdoors life since I was a kid. I had a few rebellious teenage years where I claimed to hate it, as you do 😂

Fast forward to the age of 29….I took a trip to the Isle of Skye with @britishcoastline We did our first wildcamp from Sligachan to Loch Coruisk. Safe to say I was hooked once more!

I love the wildness and remoteness Scotland can still offer, the fact that in this crazy, capitalistic, busy world that needs to sell us endless stuff, you can still get away from it all. I love going out into nothingness and ‘surviving’ with just what I take on my back, proof we need far less than we think we do.

hiker Liz

My biggest achievement has been losing five stone. On that first hike in Skye I was five stones heavier than I am now! The want to walk, hike, and generally see new things helped me shed that weight. That’s not to say that people shouldn’t be happy in their own skin, shake what your mamma gave you! But the point for me was that I had become stuck in a rut, stuck at a desk job, no real hobbies, not much drive, and I guess you could say hiking saved me from all that.

The one thing I would say for those looking to start out on their outdoor adventures, is just go for it! It doesn’t matter where you live. Challenge yourself to find some local beauty spots, wherever you live! Take up a hobby that motivates you to keep going outside! We don’t have the best kit, we can’t afford it, but shop around and you’ll find something in your budget!

I do most of my outdoorsy-ness within Britain. There is so much beauty within our own shores. So don’t feel you need to trek further afield to find that dramatic landscape, secluded cove, craggy mountain or endless sunset. It can all be found within these beautiful British shores we are lucky enough to call home. Ask @britishcoastline if you don’t believe me!

Thanks for sharing Liz, there really are some beautiful places in the UK.

Where’s your favourite? Comment below ⬇⬇⬇

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