Chapter 40: Jamie (Cheshire)

Hi, I’m Jamie @jamiemiranda1 I’d class myself as an accidental adventurer. I’ve been hiking/adventuring for around 6 years now. After I stopped playing rugby I needed a new hobby, my uncle asked me to join him on a hike to Langdale in the Lake District and I was hooked instantly. I loved everything about it! After that day in Langdale, I traveled back to the lakes most weekends and started to tick off the Wainwright’s.

Just over a year later, I got invited on a trek to Everest base camp in Nepal. At the time, it just seemed a really cool trip to me, I’d never have thought I would become obsessed with mountains, meeting new people and adventures.

What motivates me to adventure now is, seeing people who’ve never tried #hiking or adventures light up with joy the moment they reach that summit or try something they never considered.

The biggest challenge and by far the most rewarding was my recent trip to #Norway to snowshoe across the largest plateau in Europe, #Hardangervidda. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It broke me mentally and physically in the first few days. But it also taught me so much about myself. After 28 years on this planet I finally learnt I could look after myself (my mum would be proud) I won’t bore you with the things I learnt because i don’t want anyone crying! But I owe so much to that expedition it still helps me now. When faced with a difficult situation I think, ‘how much harder would this be in -20, snow blowing in your face and starving because you haven’t eaten’? Then things become a lot easier! Adventure is pushing yourself to the limit and learning the type of person you are.

I say it a lot but ‘Adventure is a powerful thing!’

My advice to people that want to start hiking would be, just get out and try it, you won’t regret it! Also get Instagram, you’ll find lots of like minded people to join you and share advice.

Thanks for sharing Jamie 😊 make sure you follow his adventures.


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