Chapter 42: Daniel (Liverpool)

Hi, I’m Daniel @dankowinterbear My mum reports that I started walking unassisted around 14 months. But I started hiking with my dad at quite a young age, who gifted me with a love for nature. However, throughout my adolescence other things took priority. My love of all things green and hilly sadly didn’t spark my interest. Through my twenteens I started to find my feet again. Taking on some of the Welsh foothills and eventually getting the confidence to start exploring Snowdonia as a solo hiker.

The mountains gave me some much needed head space, finding beauty with no distractions. So I started to indulge with friends. Introducing them to the beauty of the untameable mountains awoke something dormant and now I want more.

One of these delightful friends then introduced me to bouldering, and with these new skills I have become an avid scrambler. Our friendship group is now known as the Scamps and we continue to push our limits, as adventurers and friends.

The most rewarding moments have been witnessing nature in its majesty throughout the seasons. Last year I completed the Yorkshire and National Three Peaks challenge. I realised then, that my little legs had found their feet. After visiting the Alps, Polish Tatras and the Andes, my adventures are starting to be built on seriously rocky foundations. Its has introduced me into one of the most beautiful communities. However, my true love is Tryfan, the Welsh mountain that stole my heart.

For anyone who wants to start hiking, be safe, be careful, do some research and take on some of the well-marked paths which are available world-wide. Respect and love nature, but most importantly, do it with friends.

Thanks for sharing Daniel, I loved watching your stories from Austria it looked amazing 😊 Daniel has also started a hikers podcast check out @bhpod 🔉

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