Chapter 15: Lorna (Scotland)

Hi, I’m Lorna @gurl_on_the_hill adventuring is in my blood! As a kid my weekends were spent camping, hiking, skiing and anything outdoorsy. My parents were part of a mountaineering club and my Dad was in the Scottish Mountain Rescue Team for the Ochills. Long before I arrived he was scaling the Alps.

Even at an early age I remember the strong sense of community adventure weekends would bring. After a day hiking on the hills or a walk around a local forest or loch all the parents and kids would sit around makeshift tables back at the campsite and talk about the day and plan for the next trip. I couldn’t wolf my tea down my throat quick enough before running off to play adventures with the other kids.


I found my own love for the hills as an adult only 4 years ago. Looking back at those weekends away with the family and I remember seeing the look on the grown-up’s faces when planning trips and talking about new ones. The laughter is what I remember the most. This was the same feeling that I experience now.

Hiking mountains and adventuring has reignited this fire in my belly: the freedom, sense of accomplishment, the fun, laughs, the buzz, the connection with nature and other people. That feeling at the top, and that wonderful sense of community where people are brought together.

Last weekend I climbed the Curved Ridge in Glencoe, and last month I did my first hill run up The Cobbler. These are both something I never thought I’d be brave enough to achieve, but I did it. It’s good to push yourself a little more each time.


For anyone thinking about hiking or adventuring my advice would be to start with micro-adventures. Something small in your local area over a few hours. Plan it out and make sure you wear proper footwear and a waterproof and take plenty of snacks and water. Take a pal and enjoy it together. There’s no pressure! Do it in your own time on your terms. The feeling you have afterwards will carry you right through to your next adventure and it builds from there. Adventuring is where I belong.


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