Chapter 9: Hannah (Leicester)

Hi, I’m Hannah @wellyhannah I have been hiking forever, from when I was carried on my parents’ backs as a baby, I can’t remember not loving a good hike.

Now that I plan my own hikes, I always try to include something that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. Whether it’s a long round walk, getting to the top of a mountain or facing my climbing fears and doing a tricky scramble. Getting up high literally gives me a high 😄

When I first started hiking with my now husband, we were perhaps a bit over-confident. On our first trip to Scotland we ended up momentous lost in the Cairngorms. Now we plan, plan, plan and are prepared for all eventualities.

The most rewarding moments for me are either when someone comes with us to a mountain. I love seeing them get a high from completing the hike. Or when I put my ‘in-progress’ inside climbing skills to practise by scrambling up high.

Happiest moments are when you’re spending quality time with people you love away from phone signal and other distractions 😊

My advice to others that want to start hiking would firstly be to plan. It’s great just going for a walk but if you don’t have a goal you’re less likely to achieve it. You’re also more likely to get lost.

Secondly enjoy it – there’s no better way to clear your mind and put your troubles into perspective. It’s the best way to achieve quality thinking time, talking time and happy time.


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