Chapter 6: Kimberley (Tennessee)

Hi, I’m Kimberley @drkimwalker I’ve always been interested in hiking, but was not exposed to it growing up. About 2 years ago, I started going on guided group hikes offered by a nearby state parks.

My husband and I use hiking to connect deeper with each other. Hiking has helped us get our teenage son offline, for some quality time on the trails. We have used hiking to cope with stressful times, demanding jobs, and personal losses.

I wished I had known sooner that outdoor adventures don’t have to be complicated. There are so many adventures that are close to home, short, low cost – yet exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. You don’t have to be an “outdoorsy”person to be adventurous.

My husband and I created @AbundantLifeAdventureClub to help people overcome the barriers to getting outdoors.


We have found that our presence in the outdoor space matters, making adventures accessible to people of colour who may have very little outdoor experience. My passion is to help people positively influence their health by increasing their participation in promoting positive behaviours.

As a doctor of occupational therapy, I believe I have a platform to be an advocate for promoting health equity for all people, particularly black people. Time in nature renews our minds; reduces stress; nourishes souls; increases creativity; improves personal connections; and strengthens bodies. Everyone needs that. People of colour need that.

My goal is to create community outreach that is spiritually and culturally relevant as well as accessible and affordable.

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