Chapter 51: Laura (Nottingham)


Hi, Laura @missonthemove I’ve been hiking for about 4 years, starting when I assisted some school kids on their Duke of Edinburgh. Getting outside gives me a sense of being alive. I hate having a weekend or holiday between work without some form of adventure.

My most rewarding hike was really small but totally epic. I hiked up Lions Head in Cape Town South Africa at 4am and watched the sunrise over Table Mountain. It was breathtaking 🙌


Tryfan north ridge has been my favourite adventure so far, and my first proper scramble. I’ve just done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge, raising money for The British Red Cross. That’s been my longest hike so far, but so worth it. I’m currently in Cambodia about to complete a 4 day trek through the Cambodian jungle.

If you want to take up hiking or just start getting outdoors more, my advice would be to find your tribe and love them hard. I’ve found a fantastic group of friends I hike with and I can always rely on them for a good time.

Thanks for sharing Laura, I would love to watch the sunrise over Table Mountain. Have an amazing time in Cambodia 😊 Make sure you follow her adventures.

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