Chapter 50: Ceri & Kat (Wiltshire)

Hi, we’re Ceri and Kat @teainvalhalla, a walking couple from Wilts, England. We’ve been lucky enough to adventure together for over a decade, and I don’t mind saying, it has been the best 11 years of both our lives ♥

Since 2015 we’ve also been striding out on group walks with some amazing people. We both have an affinity with the natural world so never need persuading to be outdoors. Hiking is so beneficial for us personally, both mentally and physically. I don’t think we could ever see ourselves not exploring, and of course, we love to find a new spot to sit and drink tea 😊

I’ve (Ceri) completed 3 different National challenges, they have all been hard fought and so worth while. However, I honestly think the most rewarding and stand out walk we’ve ever done was the Snowdon horseshoe May 2018, every moment of that hike was perfect, the weather, the food, the tea and obviously, the views!

My advice to those folk who want to start hiking would be to start simple. Some paths are rewarding and physically challenging but are also well used and straight forward, such as coastal routes. Always know your route, do a little research so you feel safe and in control. Take ample food and drink and most importantly, have walking boots/shoes that are comfortable for you.

Thanks for sharing Ceri & Kat, make sure you follow their adventures 👟🏔

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