Chapter 5: Rory (Lancashire)

Hi, I’m Rory @rorysouthworth I’ve been hiking for as long as I can remember, my parents took me hiking most summers as a child to the Alps from the age of 9 so I caught the bug early. It was when I was at university in London ironically that I really started focusing on hiking. I joined my universities mountaineering club and started to explore further than the roadside crags.

What motivates me is really something I’m never sure how to communicate. I love the movement of mountain hiking and running, scrambling over technical terrain and running ridge lines. I think that’s why I like night adventures too, it’s not just about the views for me.

My longest challenge to date, was completing the Wainwright’s. It took me 3.5 years to slowly tick the 214 hills off in the Lake District. I fell out of love with the challenge several times, taking months off at a time and focusing on climbing when completing a long list of hills got too monotonous. Completing Cat Bells as my final Wainwright was an incredible feeling and to share the moment with friends was pretty special.

My advise to people that want to start exploring the outdoors would be to go on a navigation course and make sure you are comfortable navigating in the hills. Being able to hike in the dark and low visibility weather opens up so much more time to get out in the hills as well as keeping you on route. That and running the downhills. Give it a go and you will make up time and enjoy the easy effort trails.

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