Chapter 48: Lou (Yorkshire)


Hi, I’m Lou @_lou_wild_ I’m grateful to my parents for taking me hiking when I was little. I remember climbing mountains during the holidays and I didn’t realise until my mid twenties just how lucky I was to have spent my childhood doing that.

When I was 20, I caught glandular fever, and it developed into chronic fatigue syndrome. I was often sleeping 13 hours a day, and even then I felt too tired to do anything. I lost all my fitness.

When I had finally recovered, aged 22, I went for a run, probably the first ever. It was less than a mile and I had to walk half of it. I came back completely disheartened.

It was hiking that helped me gain my fitness back and surpass any fitness I had previously possessed. My friends and family encouraged me, taking me for long walks in the mountains where I felt alive and inspired

Now I want to share that feeling with everyone I meet. I appreciate my health more than I ever did before I got ill and I want to make the most of every moment that I can, knowing that I may not be able to do these beautiful things forever.

If you’re new to hiking I would say, start small and build up. Go for a walk that is manageable and keep going when it gets tough. It is the struggle that will take you to where you want to be. Soon you will see that you are capable of far more than you realise. Hiking will suddenly start taking you to places you never even knew existed.

Hiking has taken me all around the world and I have walked in some beautiful, and sometimes extreme places, including Siberia and Hong Kong. Still, one of my favourite places to be is the Lake District in the UK. The place I first fell in love with hiking, and where I spent last weekend, chasing sun rises on mountain tops.

Thanks for sharing Lou, I love the sound of chasing sun rises on mountain tops 🙌 Nature really is the best therapy!

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