Chapter 44: Mart (Stalybridge)


Hi, I’m Mart @thestalyviking I’ve always been interested in the outdoors and the adventure it can create, but I well and truly put on my hiking boots around 9 months ago and haven’t looked back since.

It was a good pal of mine, who took me out on a little local bimble and helped me realise that I’ve never felt so content feeling so insignificant. The feeling of being alone in the peaks and mountains (except with my trusted 4 legged puddle buddy Harley), is second to none. It’s the perfect reset button for your body and mind! That is what motivates me everytime I strap my pack to my back!

I’m lucky as I have the Peak District right on my doorstep. I enjoy a drive out and a mooch into the Lake District as well, or over the mountains in Snowdonia.

My biggest challenge, I hope to accomplish in the coming weeks. I aim to take on Crib Goch, after being awestruck after looking down at it from Snowdon a few months back. And my most rewarding moments definitely come from my new found love of Wild Camping. Although I don’t have many under my belt yet. The moments I’ve had, being under the stars with friends and the dogs, enjoying a few beers and a pot of chilli, have been unforgettable.

If there is one place I’d like to explore, it would be Norway. It’s at the top of my list. The Fjords fascinate me and I’d love the opportunity to get my boots dirty on Scandinavian soil.

Advice for those getting into hiking?? Get a decent pair of shoes/boots and get out there. Take what you need, and take home what you take. Leave no trace, so others can enjoy what you, and many more before you have.

Thanks for sharing Mart, I like the sound of your wild camping nights, and the Fjords are 👌


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