Chapter 41: Alison (Kent)

Hi, I’m Alison @adventure_al_333 I’ve been walking and hiking ever since I can remember. My parents would regularly take us out on country walks and adventures. Being a teacher, my mum would always teach me the names of the plants, trees, birds etc. and tell me about the history of the places we visited.

A big motivation for me is seeing new things. I love discovering new hikes and finding new views. Being outside in nature makes me feel at peace with myself and the world. I’m particularly fond of an epic view across the land. Travelling and hiking in different countries always gives me a massive sense of fulfilment. I try to do as many hikes in as many different countries as possible!

We did a ‘Black Diamond’ hike in Canada to see the Illecillewaet Glacier. It was a pretty hardcore hike which involved scrambling in a few places. I’m not a rock climber, but reaching the top and getting to the glacier was magical. We sat and ate lunch looking over the mountains and the glacier, it was so peaceful!

Aside from hiking in the UK, so far I have hiked around a large portion of Western and Central USA, Western Canada, Spain and Croatia. We are visiting Australia and Hong Kong this coming October. We’ve got loads of exciting hikes planned, I’m really looking forward to it!

There have been so many rewarding experiences so far. Seeing a mountain lion on a trail in Wyoming. Coming face to face with a black bear on a trail on Vancouver Island. Seeing views over the Rocky Mountains, climbing Mount Snowdon, hiking in the Arizona desert, camping on the side of the Colorado River, I could go on! Each one has been so special, it would be difficult to choose just one!

My advise to people taking up hiking, would be plan ahead as much as possible. Make sure you pack plenty of water and enough food. Your shoes and socks are the most important thing of all, make sure they are good and fit you properly!

Alison your trips sound absolutely amazing 🙌 thanks so much for sharing. Make sure you follow her adventures.

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