Chapter 4: Eve & Nick (Bristol)

Hi, we’re Eve & Nick @thegreeneyedglobetrotters We started hiking 7/8 years ago, and don’t intend to stop! Nick in particular has some pretty lofty mountaineering goals. We both just love being outdoors and have a real sense of adventure. Any opportunity we get we take it!

When Eve was 16 she completed a multi day trek through the rainforests of Mexico as part of ‘world challenge’ which was an amazing achievement! Eve also reached the summit of Mulhacén. Its the highest mountain in mainland Spain at 3479 m, which she had big doubts about whether she could achieve!

Nick’s scariest moment was running 1km down a scree slope and fire road to escape a thunderstorm in the Spanish Pyrenees a few years ago 😯But his biggest fear is not getting to hike and climb all the places on the bucket list!

Our advise to others that want to start hiking would be, just get up, get out and go for it! Hiking is a sport for absolutely anyone and everyone.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much fancy gear you have or if you’re in great shape or not, you just have to get outside and put one foot in front of the other. It’s a great way of exploring places you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. As well as being great exercise for the body & mind, just do it!

Thanks for sharing your story Eve & Nick, make sure you follow their adventures.

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