Chapter 38: Chrissy (Nottingham)

Hi I’m Chrissy @chrissyraider 2 years ago I HATED the outdoors, I wouldn’t even go to an outdoor concert without throwing a hissy fit!

I started to run to keep fit a few years ago and very naively signed up to my first Ultra (the Action Challenge Isle of Wight 106k). I trained hard, pounding the streets of Nottingham but had never even seen a trail before! Needless to say many tears later I didn’t make it. I was covered in horrible mud, bruised and broken. I took of my running shoes and drove off leaving them on the grass never to return.

A week later I had a text from my running partner saying we must finish what we started. And that’s where it all began.

I started training in the Peak District determined to overcome my dislike of hills and mud.

2 years on I am in the Peaks every weekend. I have completed the IOW Ultra and have signed up to three more. I have overcome PTSD which I have suffered from for over 10 years after a murder of an immediate family member. This happened on its own after years of therapy have done nothing. I now fundraise for @combatstress a charity helping veterans and their families through PTSD.

Any my favourite thing…… Glorious wet mud!!! ❤️

Thank you for sharing your story Chrissy. Its very admirable the way you have been able to overcome something so traumatic and are now helping others. Make sure you follow her journey 😊


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