Chapter 37: Shanice (Washington)

Hi, I’m Shanice @_sol.flower_ I’ve been passionate about hiking for 2 years now. To see the world from a different perspective motivates me a lot.

I do a lot of solo hiking so I’m always a bit anxious when I’m heading out. But I’ve learned to calm and trust myself that I can do this and I know my limits.

My most rewarding moment has to be when I found an accessible trail for my mom, Gold Creek Pond in WA and her reaction to seeing the beautiful area herself made me really happy.

My advise to others that want to start hiking would be…..Know. Your. Limits! The trail isn’t going nowhere, you can always come back if you don’t make it all the way. Oh and PLEASE for the love of everything, wear the right footwear.

Don’t live through other peoples photos or videos. Get out there and see these views for yourself!

Thanks for sharing your story Shanice, accessibility is an issue many overlook. I’m glad you managed to find somewhere your mum can enjoy 🙌 I’d like to see more awareness of this issue, so that everyone can enjoy the trails. And you’re right, people really need to get outdoors and experience it for themselves.


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