Chapter 36: Colin (Leicester)

Hi, I’m Colin @colinfontrail I started hiking when I was a kid back in the 70’s with my dad. We used to go on holiday every year to the Lake District and other amazing places in the UK.

As I got older I would regularly go on day hikes and would go to the Lakes, Wales or Scotland for week long camping trips. By my early 20’s I’d climbed over 50 wainwrights, tried a wild camp and even completed a few challenge walks.

But then in 2015 the Pennine Way turned 50 and that made me realise what I wanted to do. But I had a dilemma, I no longer had friends who wanted to hike and certainly not the Pennine Way. So the following year I’d planned and started the Pennine Way, in week long supported sections I hiked solo but had my Dad for company at the end of each day. After 4 section and 18 days on the trail I completed the Pennine Way, covering the last half from Bowes in just 7 days.

The Norfolk Coast Path was my first solo backpacking/wild camping trip and I loved it! I solo backpacked the Yorkshire Wolds Way in April 19, which I vlogged on my youtube. I’m hiking the South West Coast Path in week long supported sections, after 2 sections I’m at Padstow. This is by far the toughest trail I’ve done so far.

I regularly go wild camping up in the Peaks with my pal @petedavisyates. We recently spent a weekend climbing as many peaks around Scafell Pike as we could.

Back in May 2015 I saw a film called “A Walk in the Woods” and thought I’d love to do that. In 2018 I realised whilst I may not be able to do the Appalachian Trail as a Thru Hike, I could certainly do part of it. So flight now booked, I start my 215 mile section of the A.T. in May 2020!

I’ve gone from a Day Hiker to a Section Hiker. Completing numerous trails and I can say my mental health benefits much more than my physical health.

For anyone starting out, good socks and shoes (remember the rule of thumb) are crucial. Any other kit will evolve as you hike more. Just get out and HIKE!

I absolutely loved that story, thanks for sharing Colin. You sound like a very experienced hiker😊 Good luck with the A.T.

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