Chapter 35: Tom (London)

Hi, I’m Tom @weekend_hiker My parents helped instil the enjoyment of walking in me from an early age, we’d do circular pub walks most weekends, in London and Surrey.

A few years ago, I reflected on my health, focussing on my career and raising a family had begun to take its toll. I had gained weight and my fitness had suffered. Eager to make a fundamental change in my lifestyle moving forward, I adopted the paleo diet, walked everywhere and joined to the gym.

Being on an upward trajectory with health and fitness, I thought I would ramp things up a notch. I started going on more hikes, travelling further out of London.

Having finished the North Downs Way and Ridgeway so far. With the South Downs Way and Thames Path nearing completion too I have focussed on the UK’s national trails. I love them you can set yourself a goal for each section, discover and explore beautiful places you would otherwise never have known. In the process you learn so much about the country. It has encouraged me to take up photography and droning. I enjoy trying to inspire others by sharing it here on Instagram.

My biggest achievement to date would be completing the national 3 peaks challenge within 24 hrs. It was a tremendous experience and a brilliant challenge to work towards. The next challenge? 🤔 I think the Welsh 3000s are calling.

In terms of advice, I would say take layers with you, bring plenty of water, a battery pack for your phone, a camera. You should always let someone know where you’re going. As an end plan (I would recommend a pub that does good food) and above all enjoy yourself! “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”🏔

Thanks for sharing your story Tom, you’ve got some amazing shots! Good luck with your next challenge! Make sure you follow him 📷

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