Chapter 34: Graham (Glasgow)

Hi, I’m Graham @northbound_driftwood Hiking and playing in the outdoors has been part of my life for pretty much all of it.

My Dad took me walking as a kid on the north side of Glasgow, and by the time I was in my teens, hitchhiking up to Glen Coe and Glen Nevis had become a regular pastime. This in turn led to a round of the Munros and Corbetts with getting my Mountain Leader ticket in-between.

The motivation has always been exploring the wilds of Scotland and beyond. I’ve been privileged to see some amazing landscapes and equally as important, share that experience with some brilliant folks – many who met as strangers and have now become good friends.


Probably the biggest challenge was my  Mountain Leader assessment. It was a tough experience that really tested the skills and also behaviours. Walking off the hill wondering “was I good enough” probably indicated how much I wanted to meet the standard. Passing was a highlight of my life

Sharing the summit day on my Munro and Corbett rounds with family and friends was something special. But in recent years, the most rewarding moments has been combining my ML and Jog Leader qualifications to introduce people to trail and hill running. Seeing that fresh excitement in peoples eyes when they discover the outdoors feeds the soul!

An acquaintance once noted that the correct sequence should be “Aim-Fire-Ready”! Get out there, make mistakes (small ones early on are best), learn something from every trip and enjoy. Share your experiences and tell the stories. The hardest bit of a trip can often be getting out the door with your boots on. Never before has accessing like minded people been easier. There are a lot of good groups with pages on social media. Everyone has had the same anxieties about starting and most of these are only in your own mind. Adventure is out there!

Thanks for sharing your story Graham, I bet there’s a great atmosphere in your groups 😊

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