Chapter 32: Matt (West Midlands)

Hi, I’m Matt @_mattguy_ I have found the history of the alpine club so inspiring from an early age. But I really started hiking through the Duke of Edinburgh’s award 15 years ago. I joined my local mountaineering club at 18 and the rest is history.

It introduced me to all sorts of adventures, I joined a few mountaineering clubs and took part in a few subsidised courses that are available. I’d say a few courses including map reading are a brilliant foundation to getting started. Finding like minded people will also provide you with motivation, great company and a way to learn off each other… matter what conditions you might encounter on your adventures!

Every trip is a privilege, getting away from the norm of the workplace is to treasure. I find long mountain days and classic scrambles most rewarding.

My first alpine trip was so special. As was my first Himalayan and exploratory expeditions. Even so, Wainwright bagging and the Welsh 3000s are satisfying too.

I love having a summit to myself to see views which most might not see. But I do like to take snaps and share them!

This year I planning to climb Korzhenevskaya which is a 7000m peak …in the words of Mallory…’because it’s there!’

Thanks for sharing your story Matt, the map reading course is definitely a good foundation. Enjoy your trip to Peak Korzhenevskaya.

Which course have you found the most useful?

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