Chapter 31: Maiza (Montana)

Hi, I’m Maiza @maizalimarock I’ve been outdoorsy for about 7 years and rock climbing for 5. I started as a hiker/ backpacker then I got into mountaineering and eventually rock climbing.

My biggest motivation is seeing the progress I’ve made, not only all that I’ve learned about mountains, but about what my body can do. I don’t think I know my limits yet but I’m trying to find them.

My biggest challenges has been believing in myself and trusting the process. I can get really overwhelmed some days.

The rewarding moments are those when I was trusted to work and teach climbing, trusted in the community, and trusted as a partner. Another big moment was being able to start leading and pushing myself without as much fear. That took a while to work on.

If you want to start rock climbing don’t hesitate, stop talking about it and just do it. Make sure you’re learning from people with enough experience for your safety and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s your journey, your progress.

Rock climbing can be very empowering, especially for women. I never believed I could be this strong.

Thanks for sharing your story Maiza 😊 Who else wants to take up climbing?

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