Chapter 30: Pete (Nottingham)

Hi, I’m Pete @petedavisyates from Nottingham. I have been hiking for around 5 years now, but have always been a big fan of the outdoors. It goes back to joining my grandparents and their rambling groups when I was a kid. Although their walks did always end up with a pub lunch!

I love to be out and about, especially in the Peaks which are fortunately just up the road from Nottingham. I was introduced to wildcamping by my friend. Colin “Rocket” Finch (@colinfontrail) is my mentor and part time personal photographer too! I’m normally counting down the days till I can get out again!

Being out in the fresh air, no matter the weather has been great for clearing the mind and resetting. There have been a few wildcamping nights where I might have only got a few hours sleep. Nonetheless, I have still woken up so unbelievably refreshed.

My most recent accomplishment for hiking has got to have been completing the Leaden Boot Challenge. This is an annual event held in Alstonefield. It’s a 26.2 Mile route around the Staffordshire areas of the Peak District. It was a great feeling to complete this challenge, as I had not done this kind of distance before.

My advise would be to buy the best you can afford. You do get what you pay for. If you are unsure, borrow first before buying. If packing for an overnight trip, if you are not sure if you need something, the chances are you don’t. My first wildcamp bag weighed in at 21KG, and my most recent was under 10KG.

The pictures you will see online, will never do the real thing justice. So go find your view and be breath taken at the beauty that is out there!

Thanks for sharing your story Pete, who else loves wild camping? It really is a great way to experience the outdoors.


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