Chapter 3: Mandy (Wales)

Hi, I’m Mandy from Wales @moo0128 my hiking journey began in April 2017, the mountains have saved me! 

After a divorce (18 years of being together, my husband told me he didn’t love me anymore). Joint custody meant I needed something to fill my long weekends without my mini me’s. It started off rough, partying way too much trying to fill the void in my life.

This January the real adventure began tackling the Welsh 100s. I’m on a mission to complete the 100 highest peaks in Wales and I’m loving it.The mountains are where I rebalance, they made my sadness disappear.

My advice to people who want to start hiking but don’t have the courage is start small really small.

April to Jan 2018 I used to do the Same routes over and over till I got my confidence. Then I went on a few courses and now I’m taking up challenges solo and I’m loving it.

Hiking has given me my zest for life back, shown me I’ve got soul, and I’m doing it solo not a man in sight💪🏼

Mandy - Wales
Mandy -Wales

Thanks for sharing your story Mandy, its very refreshing to hear. I’m glad you found your zest for life again.

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