Chapter 28: Adam (Hull)

Hi my names Adam @map_my_hike I’m from Hull, one of the flattest parts of the country so hiking and climbing was never even a thought growing up. Football was more my thing, but a labral tear in my hip meant I stopped cardio exercise for almost 3 years.

I needed to get active again, I started taking my dogs out more and eventually I was going on 10-15 mile hikes. The chance to get away from the rat race city life and the peace, I loved the most.

The Peak District is only an hour away drive for me. I’d book days off work, desperate to get back to the hills. The beauty of it, just blows you away, the views are gorgeous. It was also the challenging cardio workout I’d been needing.

I climbed Snowdon with a few friends and after that I was hooked. Always looking for more challenging routes and mountains to climb. I make sure I research each route to get the best views possible when I visit the Lakes. Its so far from Hull you’ve got to make the most of it.

The biggest challenge for me has to be Scafell Pike. The weather was not on our side, we got lost in the fog and scrambled up the nose of a waterfall. We finally made it to the top, only to see cloud . The workout wasn’t only challenging on my fitness but mentally.

Ben Nevis has to be my favourite hike. You feel really connected to the mountain and the walk, everyone is in such good spirits. I took my time and appreciated every minute of it, especially the Nevis Inn at the bottom. Everyone welcomes each hiker who had completed the climb, the atmosphere was brilliant.

My advice for a novice walker would be to just enjoy yourself. Take your time, check the forecast if you aren’t confident map reading, or if you actually want good views 🙌🏻. An absolute must is, always plan your walk to finish at a pub because you’ll have deserved it!

Thanks for sharing your story Adam 🙂 Make sure you follow his adventures.

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