Chapter 23: Andrea (Portugal)

Hi, I’m Andrea @andreiacrociquia I have been hiking for almost 3 years now, on a regular basis, mostly around the Lisbon region (Portugal). I’m driven by our stunning landscape, the leap into the unknown and the sense of adventure. If I wonder about something, most likely I’ll need to give it a try to prove myself that I can.

When I reach the peak of a mountain, explore a cave or scramble through a sharp cliff. Or when I find a hidden place, a place almost unreachable and unique. When the adrenaline of a goal achievement runs through my veins, that’s the rewarding moment I have been looking for.

hiking pulse

Despite all of that, my biggest hiking challenge until today was when I went with my 10 year old son on a cave quest throughout a mountain. The 11 km we planned turned to 23 km, with a challenging climbing at the end. It took us a lot of strength and encouragement. What was incredible and rewarding? The growing admiration and pride for a person that I brought to this world.

Finally, my advise to new adventurers: don’t give up your dreams and keep going ! , there is motivation and potential success. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are, just make them achievable by planning and acting on them. “It always seems impossible until it is done”, it is said… 😉

Thanks for sharing story Andrea. I think we’ve all gone off track a few times 😂

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