Chapter 22: Michelle (Arizona)

Hi, I’m Michelle @hikerocknroll I picked up hiking in 2015 after moving to Arizona for work. I needed a change in my life and what a change has it been.

Before moving to Arizona, I wasn’t a hiker at all, I was introduced to hiking by a friend. Something changed in me, I found myself in a bad situation that I turn to hiking as a new start. It helped me deal with the insecurity that had me face down on the ground in life. I also reconnect with Nature.

I was a smoker and didn’t want to give it up. The more I hiked the less I wanted the cigarettes. My lungs and breathing improved each time I was on the trails. Before hiking, I would have told you, “I’ll never quit”. Three years without a smoke or desire to start again.

Why hiking? My reasons…

1. Hate the gym; love nature.
2. Helps to clear my mind – NO stress.
3. Why be indoors, when outdoors is fun.
4. Open space & fresh air.
5. I get to be myself & don’t need approval.

From my own personal experience, I wanted to improve myself mentally and physically from hiking. What I got was a new me; who is happy, less stressful, more relaxed and back in love with life.

Hiking has given me more than I ever expected, love, a daughter and a new life. I love getting out every chance I get even with my daughter.

Something I tell everyone is ‘Never underestimate yourself until you take that first step cause you will never know if you’ll love it until you try it’. Happy hiking y’all!! Come and join the journey!

That’s a great story Michelle, thanks for sharing. Make sure you follow her adventures. Remember, being outdoors is better than being indoors!

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