Chapter 21: Impala (Todmorden)

Tales Of A Hiker

Hi, I’m Impala @mountainmanmassage I grew up half feral spending most weekends camping in the woods most weekends. Burning twigs and living the dream. But I really started hiking when I got made redundant from my graphic design job. I applied for other jobs and had the idea if non of them came through, I would thru hike the Te Araroa (New Zealands 1900 mile trail). Unfortunately I got the job but had unfinished business so I quit and went hiking.

My best moments so far have been completing the Te Araroa, Pacific Crest and Appalachian trails. As well as a continuous loop of the Wainwrights and 900 miles on the CDT. I hike to get the buzz of the trail, long distance backpacking is a beautiful way to explore and really get to know a place.

Top tips for someone wanting to thru hike: Pack light, hike slow and never turn down free food. If your buying gear get the best stuff you can afford and just go for a walk. If our paths cross sweet and if not happy trails – Impala 🏔

Thank you for sharing Impala, your hiking adventures sound like goals 🙌

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