Chapter 20: Marionette (Georgia)

Tales Of A Hiker: Hi, I’m Marionette @mochamamatreks I’ve been hiking for 2 years now. My enthusiasm for hiking actually began in the doctor’s office where I was told I needed to make some lifestyle changes. The statistics for black women developing chronic illnesses, like type 2 diabetes and hypertension, is high and I wanted no part of that!

I joined @GirlTrek a health movement that motivates and supports black women toward better health outcomes for themselves and the community.

I started walking in my neighborhood and in community parks. As my stamina improved, I needed more of a challenge so I joined Girls Who Hike where I learned about different trails, elevation, gear, camping, etc. I was hooked!

Improved health, reduced stress levels, and an uplifted spirit keeps me motivated. I also set outdoor goals for myself with actionable steps. I’m participating in the 52 Hike Challenge 2019, have camping trips planned, and I’m organizing local treks for “Girltrekkers”.

As I’m no spring chicken, my biggest challenge is in my mind–psyching myself by saying “Yes! You can make it up that mountain”. The reward is summiting and then striking my ’empowerment pose’.

Outdoor life is now a lifestyle that I’m sharing with other women of colour and showing them that black people do hike.

My advice to those who want to start hiking, is to start simply. There’s no hurry to buy hiking shoes or trekking poles. You should visit local nature trails and appreciate being in the “wild”. Many women don’t want to go alone. Make it a family or gal-pal outing, I also recommend finding a supportive group that has planned hikes for various experiences levels. You will learn a lot on such

Thanks for sharing your story, good luck with the 52 hike challenge, it sounds like theres no stopping you💪 

Tales Of A Hiker

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