Chapter 19: Chris (Dukinfield)

Tales Of A Hiker: Hi, I’m Tony @wenglishman I’ve been hiking seriously for 3 years now. I started as an overweight smoker with a few mental health stresses. I keep going because the views change every time, I feel clear and almost free if that’s not too cheesy. I do all my hikes with my Siberian Husky Nook, he’s not bad company.

My biggest conquest was overcoming a major knee operation last May and getting back out there. I had to get my head back in the right place and lose the 2 stone I’d gained.

Tales of a hiker

My most rewarding moment was showing my mate Gary what the Ogwen valley was like, I’ve never heard anyone say wow/ amazing so much in one day!

My biggest fear was learning map navigation, going out to places and relying on a piece of paper to guide me was a new experience. It worked though, and its boosted my confidence levels so much.

For new hikers, learn your maps, it’ll save your life. Go where you feel most alive (also my favourite quote). Just go for it get away from the lights and traffic.

Thanks for sharing your story Tony, nature really is the best therapy and its free!

hiker life
hiker life

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