Chapter 18: Sam (Houston)

Hi I’m Sam, @highhemphammock from Houston, Texas. I love the outdoors, hiking and most of all my hammock! I was introduced to hiking at the early age of 10 by my mother who loved to walk the woods of Upstate New York. Hiking is something that I had to remember I loved once I got to become an adult.

Going through a stressful time in my life, I thought back to my childhood. Things that brought the most joy to my heart were things I did in the outdoors. I started hiking again with a close friend. One day we hiked past a man in a hammock in the middle of the woods.

I stopped and just thought, “Man that is f**king vibes!” I went home and bought a hammock on Amazon and have been hanging everywhere I can ever since.

I’m hoping to bring my love of the outdoors to urban areas to show my people there is beauty at every bend in the road.

Right now my movement is small but mighty with each hammock adventure adding one more person at a time. My goal is to organize “hammock hangs” all over the Houston area to influence more people to get out in nature and enjoy all the majesty that is planet Earth!

How cool is that?! I think hammock life is something I could get used to 😎 

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