Chapter 16: Sheila (Arizona)

Hi, I’m Sheila @hikingunlimited from Arizona, I’ve been hiking since I was a kid but didn’t appreciate it until after I hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim! I went with my siblings, all of them are older than I am, and they kicked my butt. It made me realize that I needed to kick it up a notch.

I love to travel and a lot of our travels center around hiking or doing the touristy walking sight seeing. Although I’m the youngest, I’m not in the best shape. So, I started hiking 3-4 days a week and not only did I build up my stamina I built up my confidence!

I had so many fears about hiking: I’m too slow, too out of shape, can’t do harder or longer hikes, can’t hike alone. I would only hike with my family. No friends or hiking groups! Finally, I set a goal for myself and joined the @52hikechallenge.

I continued to build up my stamina and my confidence and started hiking with friends. The friendships and therapy I’ve found on the trails has been priceless. I’m now a 52 hike challenge leader and an ambassador for Girls Who Hike.

I will always hike with beginners at the pace they set and the trails they feel comfortable on. Being outside is the best therapy around, and it’s free. I welcome every single person to try it!  Hiking has made a huge impact in my life and it can in your life as well. Please just try it! There is so much to see in your city, state, country and world! Get out, start now and in time you will have the confidence and stamina to conquer more than mountains!

What a fabulous story, thanks for sharing I love how you’re now a hike leader.


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