Chapter 12: Paballo (Lesotho)

Hi, I’m Paballo @pabi_the_hiker from Lesotho, Africa. My love for hiking started in 2012, I started hiking by attending Lesotho’s annual Moshoeshoe Walk, which is an historical 3 day walk hosted in March every year. I was 18 years by then and it was my first time to engage in such kind of adventure.

I found love and comfort in hiking, hiking brewed the phenomenal person I am today. It’s magical, it’s more than going out in the wilderness to witness the wonders of nature. Its about connecting with it and achieving healthy lifestyle goals. It is an eye opening activity, a spiritual function and a humanitarian aid, to mention a few.

In 2018, my friend @khotsofino and I noticed that there is a lack of constructive social and recreational activities for women in Lesotho. So, we decided to fill that gap by creating @spiraltravels package #SheHikes.

SheHikes – The hiking initiative that encourages women to step out of their comfort zones . To explore the outdoors through interaction with other women.

The initiative is not only a women’s empowerment movement. It’s to encourage a healthy lifestyle whilst exploring the beauty of Lesotho Lowlands Heritage Route.

Hiking is priceless, a gateway to discover your inner being. I know some people perceive it as an expensive activity but it is not. You just need to be there, free your soul, lace up your shoes. Put one foot in front of the other and create your own lifetime chronicles.

Thanks for sharing your story Paballo, SheHikes is such a great initiative, I hope the movement continues to grow.

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