Chapter 11: Dineo (Utah)

Hi I’m Dineo @dineodowd I have been hiking on and off since 2010 whilst I lived in South Africa. Then when I moved to the states in 2012 it became full time.

When I lived in South Africa it was a different experience, I didn’t really get on the trails like I would love to. I was always judged or reminded that hiking is not for black people. So I held myself back and I was afraid of the wilderness or anything that can be out there.

When I moved to Utah I had seen women on the trails hiking alone and I actually felt safe for the first time and thought wow this is amazing. I have been missing out on this for years.

I took classes with the University of Utah, to learn on the wilderness that can be found on the trails. Now I believe if I go hiking and see a snake its adventurous, I get really excited. I love the memories I’m creating on the trails, they will last a lifetime.

My advise to people that want to start hiking would be:

•It can help your body heal….
•Improves overall mental health….
•It helps you unplug….
•Hiking makes us happier….

I can’t think of any better reasons to go hiking. Dineo also writes children’s books promoting diversity in the outdoors, follow her at @author_dineodowd

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