Chapter 10: Jo (Northampton)

Hi, I’m Jo @jolewisadventures my love for hiking began in my teenage years, when my dad and I would go camping in Wales each year. Tagging the top of Cadair Idris year after year became somewhat of a pilgrimage, with few hikes in between.

Those summer holidays slowly fizzled out and life got a bit more hectic. Over the past few years I have actively tried to get to the mountains as frequently as possible. They feel like my second home now.

In 2017 I completed Wainwright’s Coast to Coast. Walking 192 miles across 3 of England’s beautiful national parks from St Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay. We carried all of our belongings on our backs, camping along the way. Let me tell you, it’s not for the faint hearted! It was an arduous trek, with plenty of childlike strops and tears along the way. However, it was a journey like no other, and one that will bring me joy forever.

I always have and always will struggle with exposure whilst out in the mountains and can often be found crawling/shuffling on all fours. Tryfan, via the north ridge is my next challenge to conquer, don’t let your fears hold you back!!

Also, another sticking point that always niggles at me on treks is how slow I am. This is something I am always working on, trying not to beat myself up about it. Which isn’t always easy when you head out with a speedy group! At the end of the day, it’s not a race, we all start and finish at the same point. The achievement is no less.

If you’re starting out hiking, mountain climbing, any activity… remember everyone is a newbie at some point! Get those boots on, get outside, breathe deep the fresh air into your lungs, it’s worth it 

Thanks for sharing your story Jo, make sure you follow her adventures.

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