Chapter 1: Eymeric (France)

Hi, I’m Eymeric @keymeric a french based personal trainer and a hiker, I organise hikes and sports trip all around France. So far I’ve organised 16 hikes and 5 sport trips.

I started hiking when I was 12 years old, I was a shy kid, not too talkative. My relationship with my adoptive parents wasn’t great. When I was sad or angry the only way I found to feel better was to go in the woods, and cycle or walk for an hour.

When I was in the forest I felt free, at ease, I could hear myself think. Nobody was there to judge me or disturb me. That was just me, myself and the nature.

So far my greatest challenges have been a 406 km bike trip from London to Paris, that was tough! I also walked The Tour of the Mont Blanc which is a 170 km hike.

My biggest fear was during my tour of The Mont Blanc. I was 1 hour away from my last shelter and the weather was starting to change. I had to walk faster to avoid being caught under the storm and thunders, finally succeeded on my mission😊.

The thing I am the most proud of, is every Sunday and during my sport trips I bring people from different backgrounds (origins, socio- professional categories, age…) together to enjoy nature, I love the unity. My main goal is to have fun, meet new people and enjoy mother nature.

My next hikes are a bike trip from Paris to Amsterdam. And the GR40, a 182 km hike around the volcanoes of the Velay. As well as the GR10, a 870 km hike in the Pyrenees.

If you’re a new adventure seeker, my advise would be – just go ahead!! Put one foot before the other. Start by a small one (less than 10 km), do it with your friends. Hiking is a good way to talk and spend a quality time with them. Don’t forget your bottle of water and your first aid kit😉

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